One of the goals of our campaign was the presentation of the EU Village to the municipalities and cities we have targeted as potential locations for the EU Village.

Individual meetings were held with a total of 20 municipalities/cities that accepted to cooperate with us.

These were: Ribnik, Prnjavor, Šamac, Gradiska, Laktaši, Ilijaš, Maglaj, Travnik, Mostar, Živinice, Kakanj, Tešanj, Novi Grad Sarajevo, Trebinje, Modriča, Breza and Kostajnica.

Representatives and first men of all the administrations expressed the desire to participate in the project, if not by providing the location, then otherwise. They confirmed their interest in this project by sending an official document. Although some of them stressed that they cannot provide the land of that capacity, they have promised to support us in every other way.

The next step in our campaign is to announce a public call and send a full application to those who expressed their interest, and we will, based on applications subimtted, make a decision on the location where we will realise the greatest vision of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Presentation of the EU Village in Municipalities and Cities across Bosnia and Herzegovina