Trainers and secondary school students of the Students’ Council Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina presented the EU Village on 21 March 2017 at the meeting of the ambassadors of all European countries in the European Union Delegation in Sarajevo.

The idea, which came from the Bosnian and Herzegovinian youth and which will have a significant impact on their lives, has found its way to the ambassadors, who did not resist positive reactions. The presentation that was initially designed to last for 15, lasted 45 minutes. During these 45 minutes, we did our best to describe the need for the EU Village in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the purpose and potential of this project, and how ambassadors can get involved. The success of this presentation can be best seen in the Austrian Ambassador’s question:

“I already have a house I want to move to the EU Village. Tell me, how can I do this? I already know what it is and how it should look like.” This is just one of the many positive comments and questions.

This presentation has opened the door to many Embassies and made us aware that our idea has full potential in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The next step, as one of the conclusions of the presentation, is to visit the Embassies of the EU countries individually, where we are going to give a more detailed presentation, clarify the concept of the EU Village as well as how the Embassies can become involved.

Presentation of the EU Village at the HoMs Meeting to the EU Delegation