We continued with the search for Ambassadors in Action in the embassies of Croatia, Slovenia and Sweden, whose ambassadors opened their doors to us. At individual meetings with these ambassadors, we talked about the idea of the EU village, its ways of building and financing, We put a great emphasis on the idea that we expect from the ambassador only to build cottage in the EU village that will present the culture, traditions and customs of their country.

Through conversations with the ambassadors, we have received advices about which competent institutions we need to involve in the realization of this project. We also talked about the businessmen and companies that will contribute to the construction of the EU village.

Special emphasis has also been placed on the looks of the houses, since it is important for the ambassadors themselves to present their country in the best possible way and that high school students, after visiting the house, have a complete picture of the culture of that country.

Individual meetings with ambassadors of Croatia Sweden and Slovenia