After the idea of “European village” in Bosnia and Herzegovina stopped being just a dream and slowly became a part of our reality, we decided to share the idea of the “EU village” with our main actors, high school students.

The idea of the “EU village” was first presented to the presidents of the networks in cantons and regions, after which was planned that the same presentation is shown in all high schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a goal to get every student familiar with idea of the “EU village”. In just two months the presentation of the “EU village” was shown in over 200 high schools around Bosnia and Herzegovina. The best part of the project presentation was that the students had a chance to give their own ideas of how they see the “EU village” and what are the things they would like to see in it.

Trough a lot of meetings and presentations we achieved our goal, which was to make high school students in Bosnia and Herzegovina familiar with the idea of the EU village and to make them feel like home, because the EU village is a place of growing and progressing for all of the high school students in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


“I’m for the EU Village” in all the secondary schools of Bosnia and Herzegovina