Trainers of our network held a meeting with representatives of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Ministry of Civil Affairs.

The main topic of the meeting was the presentation of the European Village as the greatest potential for youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After presenting and introducing the concept of the European Village, we presented to the representatives of the Ministry the idea of becoming our “Ministers in Action” ¬†as well as how individuals, businessmen and all others who are willing to participate in the construction of the European Village can do it.

Since this Ministry at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina is responsible for youth, education and all that concerns the European Village, our idea has found a great support of the Ministry. We have placed a special emphasis on the positive side that the European Village carries with itself and that this will be a place where young people can learn a lot about their and other cultures of European Union countries. This will also be a place where young people could find their internship and first employment. It will give them the opportunity to progress and develop their capacities.

After the meeting, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina also sent us a letter of support for the European Village project with great wishes and support to establish it as soon as possible.

Presentation of the EU Village in the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina