What will the EuroVillage represent?

As a joint place of individual cultural centers of European countries, it will represent Europe in small – exhibiting all European assets, history, diversity, culture, tradition. With all major exhibits provided by European nations, it will be a “Europe to Touch”. Its goals are wide-arching:
– Foster Youth Leaders
– Ensure involvement in decision-making processes (Young representatives of political parties)
– Alleviate problems of segregation and marginalization of BiH youth and the youth of the region;
– Foster Reconciliation through research, through joint actions, through outreach activities
– Round-up the mreSVUBiH activities provided to secondary school students – encompassing involvement at all levels of secondary school (election of class- and school-representatives), study
(becoming trainer of trainers) and post-study (engagement and/or employment at EuroVillage).

By its design and content, with central training/research/study/gathering facilities and outskirt lodging possibilities, it will have multiple functions:
– To serve as infrastructure where secondary school students (SSS) of BiH at all levels meet for regular and extraordinary occasions (currently at least 24 such meetings take place annually,
unfortunately through using and paying for the services of various hotels in BiH).
– To serve as space for meeting, planning, conducting campaigns of all structures of mreSVUBiH – Youth Leadership Training Centre
– To serve as resource center for youth organizations of BiH, the region (RYCA) and Europe-wide.

– To serve as a place of gathering, conducting mutual events, and accommodating guest and exchange students (or youth) that will come for various occasions (such visits take place twice a year currently).
– To serve as resource for culture and knowledge
– To serve as the centre for reconciliation, research, study, and innovation.
– To serve as employment opportunity: The research/reconciliation center – as well as the facility itself – need a management structure and executive personnel.
– To serve as Training-of-trainer facility