mreSVUBiH is the network of student councils of all 292 secondary schools in BiH and is the result of a 14-year intensive in-the-field development programme implemented by ACED and OKC. Behind the success and the impact of mreSVUBiH stand two experienced organizations that assure the quality of the projects and programmes of the secondary school students at all levels in BiH. The EuroVillage initiative is a continuation of this fruitful cooperation, based on the innovative and resourceful ideas and goals of the youth in all 292 secondary schools in BiH.
Vision: A society in which secondary school students are recognized as a resource that is utilized by the state, not as a problem to be solved.
Mission: mreSVUBIH network`s all Secondary School Students Councils in BiH, defends and represents the rights and interests of all secondary school students in BiH and through developing the capacities of the secondary school population, creates the conditions for active students participation in decision-making processes at all levels.